Our Warranty


Between YOUR NAME HERE Property Owner (Hereinafter referred to as Owner), and Mission Valley Roofing Inc. (Hereinafter referred to as Contractor), for the Building located at YOUR ADDRESS HERE. Contractor agrees that upon completion of work and full and timely payment, Contractor will repair any leaks in Contractor’s work, that are the fault of Contractor free of charge, by the Contract dated, for a period of 10 Years on Re-roofs, provided reasonable written notice has been given. This Warranty shall not be construed to cover any liability for damage or injury to the interior of or any part of the structure or contents thereof. This Warranty shall cover only faulty workmanship and shall not extend to damage to the roofing caused by cyclone, lightning, hailstorms, earthquake, settlement, acts of third parties, any acts of God or any other cause beyond Contractor’s control. This Warranty shall not extend to leaks caused by faulty chimneys, gutters, or carpenter work.

CONDITIONS: If a claim for leakage is made hereunder and such claim generates a service call, by the Contractor, and upon inspection it is determined that such leakage is not the responsibility of Contractor, pursuant to this Warranty, Owner shall be charged the cost of the service call. Defects in material are not the responsibility of the Contractor and are not covered by this Warranty. The Contractor is not responsible for roof leaks at eaves or other points within the roof where roof felts have been broken and said roof breakage is traceable to expansion or contraction of sheet metal. This is a maintenance item and should be inspected often.

OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY. No work shall be performed by Owner or a third party on said roof. Including, but without limitation to, openings made for flues, vents, drains, sign braces or other equipment fastened to or set on roof, unless Contractor shall be first notified in writing and shall make, at the expense of Owner, any necessary roofing repairs. Failure to observe this condition shall render this Warranty null and void. Owner must keep the roof maintained at Owner’s own cost. Failure of Owner to keep the roof maintained, could lead to the roof failing prematurely. Trees must be kept at least three (3) feet from the building and all drains, scuppers, gutters, and downspouts are kept free of debris. Contractor cannot be held responsible if any of the above become plugged. Contractor suggests that the roof be inspected once every two (2) years, and will give estimates for repair work on normal wear and tear of the elements to keep your roof in tip-top condition if requested. Equipment, assemblies, or materials purchased by Contractor are sold and installed subject to the manufacturers’ guarantee or warranties, and not Contractor’s. All warranties given by manufacturers’ pertaining to materials used by Contractor will be passed on to the Owner.

Additional Conditions or Exclusions:

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